We provide professional support and maintenance for continuous and productive power plants for long years.

NEXTEN provides technical support and maintenance services of all projects it applied, and on top of that it provides maintenance service to projects applied by other companies with same care and quality.

It is reporting service through remotely monitoring power plant productivity rates and production values. All required follow-ups are carried out automatically thanks to system and problems to be occurred can be interfered immediately.

Dangers originating from internal and external factors to occur after installation are determined. Therefore, precautions are taken against possible conditions such as avoiding productivity. Considering that a GES project has 25 years of activity period, importance of this service can be understood more clearly.


It is very important to know that a team of experienced and reflexes is always behind you for the continuous and efficient operation of renewable energy projects for many years. You must ensure that all measures are taken not to solve the malfunction but to avoid malfunctions, and that you will have the experts who can quickly take action in accordance with the smallest need.

Other Services
Nexten Elektrik

We bring correct material with skilled labor in order ELECTRICITY to deliver produced electricity in the most productive way.

Nexten Elektrik

We prepare required ground for your project and mount with our experienced team and machine trach we own meticulously.

Proje Yönetimi

We provide continuous construction service with our team which is expert in drilling operation and concrete labor and our machines at our own track.