We prepare required ground for your project and mount with our experienced team and machine trach we own meticulously.

Operation is started by appliqueing piles points of which coordination specified on map to site. Then construction piles are nailed onto site or concreted through drilling.

After completing piles montage of the project, top and bottom construction installation is performed. At the end of this operation; site is now ready for panel montage. Panels which play the most important part in electricity production are montaged on site in the most sensitive way.

Nexten Elektrik

Establishing a system to generate energy requires not only that system, but also the foundations on which the system will be placed. Variable solutions can be produced according to different types of land and project designs and the same quality and care must be taken for each stage. A healthy assembly process prevents malfunctions and ensures the efficient operation of the general field.

Other Services
Nexten Elektrik

We bring correct material with skilled labor in order to deliver produced electricity in the most productive way.

Proje Yönetimi

We provide continuous construction service with our team which is expert in drilling operation and concrete labor and our machines at our own track.


We provide professional support and maintenance for continuous and productive power plants for long years.