We bring correct material with skilled labor in order to deliver produced electricity in the most productive way.

It is process of bringing correct material and skilled labor together with regard to DC and AC details in project in order to prepare required infrastructure for transferring the electric produced by panels. Sensitivity of montage becomes important in this section where productivity losses and errors will be experienced the most.

Operation is started from main distribution panel for medium voltage systems and completed by montaging pavilion, cell, cable heading and other OG equipment required for the project.

This is transfer work to interconnectivity system including integration of produced electricity to main system by underground and over ground applications

It is the service to supply consumables and DC and AC materials to be required during electrical montage and installation. Providing site coordination and carrying out project continuously is also a part of this service.

Nexten Elektrik

It is quite important to know that a team with strong reflexes which is experienced in site supports you in order to maintain renewable energy projects continuously and productively for long years. You have to make sure that all precautions are taken in order to avoid experiencing faults not to remove the fault and that experts who can take action quickly for any needs are with you.

Nexten Elektrik

We prepare required ground for your project and mount with our experienced team and machine trach we own meticulously.

Proje Yönetimi

We provide continuous construction service with our team which is expert in drilling operation and concrete labor and our machines at our own track. )


We provide professional support and maintenance for continuous and productive power plants for long years.