We provide continuous construction service with our team which is expert in drilling operation and concrete labor and our machines at our own track.

It includes preparation and correction of parameters such as slope, elevation difference and site superstructure of ground in order to carry out electric and mechanics montage correctly. Service and generating inner transportation ways are included in this operation.

It is phase of installation of accommodation and food areas as well as electricity and water supply required for project employees during installation in site. At the same time, it includes works such as preparation of administrative parts and security equipment.

It is phase of completing installations such as wire fence, camera, alarm and lighting which are other required details of the project.

Proje Yönetimi

There are many details to consider and follow during the installation of your project. Working with a team that makes it possible for you to complete all phases of the project on time, by following these details means that the work can be carried out safely and smoothly.

Other Services
Nexten Elektrik

We bring correct material with skilled labor in order ELECTRICITY to deliver produced electricity in the most productive way.

Nexten Elektrik

We prepare required ground for your project and mount with our experienced team and machine trach we own meticulously.


We provide professional support and maintenance for continuous and productive power plants for long years.